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Doors and Windows Create Focal Points

Doors and windows provide more than entrances and ventilations. Windows & doors add character to a building and make a statement about the people or the activities associated with the building. Whether you're building your dream home, a church or synagogue or an office complex, choose your accents carefully.

Aluminum doors and windows are structurally efficient. Aluminum virtually lasts forever because it doesn't rust. Aluminum windows & doors are lightweight, making them easier to handle and transport. Look for a company that offers nationwide shipping of doors and windows.

Windows & doors made from functional, dependable aluminum need not be boring. Architectural doors and windows can be custom-designed for every taste. You may be the toast of the town when you choose custom color selections such as champagne or bronze for your aluminum doors and windows. designs commercial windows and doors with an array of custom features available. Such structures as the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building in New York City are examples of focal point statements that doors and windows may make when creatively designed. Staff designers may create just the statement you're looking for, in colors and architectural designs that draw the eye and draw in customers.

Order commercial windows and doors simply by choosing a design that's already in stock. You may also get custom-designed doors and windows in any style. French-style entrances, for example, with windows that complement the front entrance doors make an elegant statement and focal points. can create custom-designed doors and windows made to any customer's specifications, including height and width. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary styles, solid doors or doors with windows, Steiner Doors may stock what you're looking for or may design to your specifications. They offer free, no-obligation quotes.

Keep in mind that windows may be purchased in double-hung style or single-hung style. Double-hung style means that both sections of the window are operable. Half-radius windows are windows that have an additional section (in a half-moon shape) above the main window. Half-radius windows draw the eye from the roadway and make an interesting focal point.

Aluminum doors and windows serve both the residential and the commercial arenas well. offers interesting accents for your building's needs, such as skylights. The sky's the limit when it comes to creating your view to the world.

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