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If you are not familiar with choosing custom designed architectural aluminum doors, windows or storefronts, here are some articles which may be of interest along with a host of articles on door hardware, repair and improvement:

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  • Choosing Between Bi Folding Doors And A Sliding Pivot Door System
    This article explains the difference between bi folding doors and sliding pivot (or slide and turn) door systems, which will enable the reader to decide which is most suitable for installation in their home or property. The article focusses on aluminium framed double glazed patio doors for the UK market, which have become extremely popular over the past decade for people who enjoy contemporary design and natural light flow. Both styles of doors are fully retractable, consisting of several glass doors that slide to the side of a wide opening.
  • Attractive and Affordable Stainless Steel Doorknobs, Pulls, and Closers
    More durable and affordable than other options, stainless steel doorknobs, pulls, and closers are catching on. Read more here.
  • Lock Repair Tips From the Pros
    Having problems with your security at home? Here are a few simple lock repair tips every homeowner can use.
  • Common Materials Used In Commercial Doors
    Commercial doors have a variety of purposes, and most are made from a small pool of materials. These materials are used for strength, for durability, or because they are attractive to the eye.
  • Decorating Tips to Make Your Front Door Stand Out
    Front doors are often the first impression people have of your home. Make your entryway pop with imagination and design by decorating it with innovative style.
  • Replacing Your Front Door - The Styles and Types Available
    A new front door can do a lot to refresh the external appearance of your home. The door may be only a small part of your home's exterior, but it is a prominent one which tends to serve as the focal point and is also the part of your home's outside structure that is probably most vulnerable to wear and tear over the course of the years. However, there are a number of very different and distinctive types and styles of external door available today.
  • Shower Doors: Making an Optimal Choice
    Shower doors play a great role in enhancing the entire beauty of your home. So, you must consider all the requirements and take a valuable decision wisely. An optimal choice will definitely end up with fruitful results in the future.
  • Factors To Consider When Buying An Exterior Door
    Are you planning on buying an exterior door for your home? There are many factors that you need to consider in order to buy the right door. Some of the factors that you need to consider include: Material Exterior doors are made from different materials such as steel, wood and fiberglass. Each of these materials comes with its pros and cons. Steel: it's an economical option and provides you with strength and durability. It's also great for different types of climates. The cool thing is that you can easily treat steel in order to make it rust resistant. Steel also requires minimal care of them in order to maintain it into perfect working condition.
  • The Importance of Garage Door Spring Repair and Maintenance
    Garage door spring repair and maintenance are the most important steps you can take to keep your home's garage door system working reliably and safely. Regular maintenance helps you avoid repairing or replacing your garage door while also ensuring safety and reliability.
  • How to Select a New Garage Door
    Selecting a new garage door can be confusing, especially in light of the many styles and options available today. The right model for you depends on your budget, your preferred options and the architectural style of your home. A professional garage door contractor has the knowledge and experience to understand your needs and help you select the right model for you.
  • Aluminum Gates for Enhancing Your Property Value
    Aluminum gates are one of the popular metal products installed at a property. Whether you are adorning a home or business, they always have a special place as protection for driveways, curbs, pavements or as barriers at your garden entrance or backyard exits. There are many ways of ensuring that you have a beautiful and secure residence and business area.
  • Five Essential Tools of a Locksmith
    A locksmith is a person who designs, installs, fixes, and picks locks. Opening locks may be the most common job function demanded of these professionals, and to do this, a locksmith needs at least five basic tools.
  • Who Needs Keys When There Are Digital Locks?
    Digital locks are the wave of the future in home security. But the future is already here! Consider installing digital locks today and appreciate the satisfaction of high technology in your home.
  • What to Consider When Choosing a Glass Design
    There are many advantages to choosing glass composite doors over other, solid styles. A glass exterior door will allow more light into your home, and they can be more attractive than plain, solid doors. You will also benefit from a very wide choice of door glass designs, allowing you to choose just the right style for your taste and needs.
  • Why You Should Consider A Pet Door For Your Home
    A pet door offers numerous benefits for both you and your animal. Explore the helpful perks associated with this special feature.
  • Give Your Place a Face With Exterior Wood Doors
    While everyone has a different idea of what constitutes the perfect face, we tend to agree that certain features are a "must-have", such as flawless symmetry and absence of a unibrow. When it comes to the face of your home, exterior wood doors are akin to noses: Get them just right as the centerpiece, and everything else will fall into place.
  • The Ups and Downs of Garage Exterior Wood Doors
    Many view the garage as simply a place to park the car, store your stuff or hide out when your spouse is on the warpath. While all of these uses have merit, they merely scratch the surface of what is possible. Yes, the garage will store your car, but with the clever use of exterior wood doors and other design features, it's also the perfect vehicle for sprucing up your home's curb appeal.
  • Things To Consider In A Keyless Entry Door Lock
    Keyless entry door locks are very convenient and they have become very popular. With a keyless entry door lock, you won't have to worry about losing your keys ever. Some come with automatic features which make it possible for you to secure the door to automatically if you forget to do so on your way out. You can now gain access to your home or premises with ease. How then do you choose the right door lock?
  • 4 Tips to Select the Right Garage Door for Your Home and Budget
    You made the big decision. You're going to replace your garage door with one that works better, is more secure and is easier on the eye. How do you choose the right garage door for you home? Here are 4 tips to help you!
  • Door Installation Made Easy - Call A Professional
    Let's take a look at door installation, a process that is not as simple as it sounds. For the security of your home and family, consider the services of a professional.

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