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If you are not familiar with choosing custom designed architectural aluminum doors, windows or storefronts, here are some articles which may be of interest along with a host of articles on door hardware, repair and improvement:

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  • Fire Resistant Doors And The Protection They Provide
    This article will talk about the protection provided to people and property by fire resistant doors. It is important that fire can be compartmentalized.
  • How Fire Rated Doors Prevent A Greater Fire Damage
    This article will discuss the ways that a fire door can protect people and property from being destroyed by fire. It is important the buildings have this type of door as protection from the spread of fire.
  • Should You Splurge on an Insulated Garage Door?
    An insulated garage door costs more than a model that lacks insulation, but the better insulated it is, the more energy savings you can realize. Choose a model with a high R-value and opt for professional installation to reap the highest savings.
  • Passive Fire Protection Through The Use Of Fire Rated Doors
    This article discusses how any fire rated doors are capable of providing security and protection from the sudden spread of fire in residential and commercial buildings. Fires would not wait for be present in order to start so it is good that there is passive fire protection in any structure.
  • How Fire Doors Offer Safety
    This article will talk about the safety offered by fire doors from the quick spread of fire and smoke. Fire containment is the most essential function of any fire door and buildings must use this type of door in order to lessen the possible damage brought by accidental fire.
  • For Your Business Safety a Bespoke Fire Door Is a Good Option
    If you run your own business or are in charge of maintaining everything such as the decoration then one thing that you would need to keep in mind is the safety of everyone who works in the building. This is paramount as you will need to keep to all the safety regulations.
  • Internal Doors Can Be a Vital Part of Any Room in Your House
    When it comes to decorating your home or office one of the last things to be thought about are the doors needed for each room to separate each room from the other. The main reason for this is because you may want to finalise everything else and then get a door which fits in with the rest of the decor.
  • Fire Resistant Doors Allow People To Be Safe
    This article will talk about the topic of fire resistant doors which can be used as installations that will preserve life of both people and pets. It is important that people also get the proper instructions on how to use a fire exit door.
  • How to Install a Wheelchair Ramp to Your Front Door
    There are a number of reasons you might want or need to install a wheelchair ramp on your front door. It may be that sadly you or somebody in your household has recently started needing to make use of a wheelchair.
  • Fire Rated Doors And Their Importance In Fire Protection
    This article will discuss how the important the placing of fire rated doors for the safety of building occupants. Fires are most dangerous when they are not controlled.
  • How A Fire Door Protects People In The Event Of Earthquake
    This article will discuss the way to survive during an earthquake and in the event of fire. Fires can result from an earthquake and there's still a way to seek safety from this disastrous event.
  • Discussing The Passive Protection Given By Fire Doors
    This article will talk about how fire doors offer passive protection from fire disasters. Many instances of fire break out will have no immediate response from fire rescue so the protection provided by a fire door will give people the opportunity to save themselves because the door is blocking the spread of smoke, heat and flames.
  • Exterior Doors in Put the Wind in Your Sale
    In a job interview, first impressions can make all the difference. Strong handshake and you're a hit. Strong garlic breath and it's time to hit the door. The same applies to selling your house, and the real estate equivalent of a good grip is the proper use of exterior doors. Some places offer a lot of competition for the buyer's attention, so you need every edge you can get.
  • Forage for Storage With Custom Doors
    When the object of your affection says "I need my space", what they really mean is "are you still here?" Sometimes space is a good thing though, especially in a home where storage is limited. There are a host of options for boosting space, and one that's often overlooked is the strategic use of custom doors. Houses are long on quality, value and aesthetic appeal, so if you come across one that's short on storage room, it's worth the time and effort to find a solution.
  • Get Your Wreath On - This Christmas With Exterior Doors
    If you come across a fat guy, some elves and a talking snowman, it's either Christmas or an office party gone horribly wrong. Assuming the former, nothing gets you in that holiday spirit like decorating, and a great place to start is with exterior doors.
  • Why Fire Door Regulations Impose Routine Inspection
    This article will emphasize the necessity of inspecting fire doors. Certified inspectors can suggest fire door replacement if the old unit is already beyond repair.
  • What to Think About When Looking at Getting External Doors
    Doors are something that every residential or commercial building will need, whether they are big ones or small ones, every building will need one in order to provide access in or out to everyone that lives or works there. One thing that the majority of people look for, especially for doors for their home, is the one with the most style.
  • Information You Will Need to Know When Thinking of Purchasing Oak Doors
    Oak doors are generally seen as giving a more traditional look to any internal or external door. They are very popular because of this and are mainly used for every room inside a residential property.
  • Better Security With Locksmith Installed Key Cards
    Key cards have made security easier for a number of larger companies, and the same possibilities exist for smaller companies or homes. Key cards work differently than keys in that along with granting access these also keep a record of who enters and leaves. Security companies use technology and the same principles of a locksmith in order to create a secure entryway.
  • Five Best Home Improvements to Consider
    There are many home improvements required regardless if the home owner wants to stay in their house for good, or are planing to sell. This article highlights the small but value adding improvements that can be done.

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