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If you are not familiar with choosing custom designed architectural aluminum doors, windows or storefronts, here are some articles which may be of interest along with a host of articles on door hardware, repair and improvement:

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  • Home Improvements - Installing and Insulating Doors
    Interior Door Installation - Most interior doors (excluding bi-fold doors) are pre-hung assembled or knock down ready to assemble. To accommodate a pre-hung door the R.S.
  • Exterior Wood Doors: Customized Before Your Eyes
    Some consistency is a good thing. It can be reassuring when you maintain one job, one best friend and, assuming you have a say in the matter, one spouse. But as much as you enjoy your exterior wood doors, there may come a point when you tire of returning home to the same front entrance day after day. That's when you know it's time for a change.
  • Tips On How To Troubleshoot Power Door Locks
    Although, power door locks are very effective in their working, they usually develop many problems. The cool thing is that you can easily troubleshoot the problems and correct them. How to Troubleshoot Power Door Locks - If none of the locks work you should take a look at the fuses and circuit breakers. You should activate the power lock switch to its lock and unlock positions while listening for the click sound that comes from the relay. If you hear the click sound you should test the power relay to determine if it's receiving the right voltage from the switch.
  • Fully Secure Remote Control Garage Doors
    We should install here garage doors that have enough strength to restrict both bad weather outside and the act of stealing. Keeping all these facts in mind, the engineers of today have presented before us the remote control garage doors.
  • Regulations Concerning The Use Of a Fire Proof Door
    This article will talk about the use of a fire proof door. Residential and commercial structures are under regulations of the building and fire code which requires them to do regular fire door maintenance.
  • Beauty and Durability of Oak Doors Makes It a Great Choice for Homes
    When remodeling a home, people may replace many things. One of these things could include the exterior or interior doors. The homeowner wants something that is functional, while being beautiful, yet affordable.
  • Powerful and Contemporary Iron Gates for Enhancing Security
    Iron gates are one of the first choices for security gates for a property. They are strong, sturdy and provide the best protection for your home and business.
  • Know About the Different and Stylish Garage Doors
    If you are looking for fashionable and functional garage doors then you won't be disappointed at all. There is a huge variety and each one depicts style and class that compliments with the setting of the respective house. These doors are integral part of the house and just like other details need to be impressive as well.
  • Contemporary Internal Doors Offer a Wide Variety of Options to the Design of a Home
    When people are considering the possibilities of interior decorating, they may also change out some doors that need to be replaced. They could add some in places where there is none also. Contemporary internal doors will offer a wide variety of options to the design of any type of home.
  • How Fire Door Specialists Uphold The Safety Of Fire Rated Doors
    This article will talk about how fire door specialists will help save people's lives. The installation of a fire rated door is an imperative according to the building code.
  • Taking A Look At The Different Parts Of A Door Handle
    Door handles develop problems that you can correct if you understand how they work. To help you out here are some of the parts of a door handle: Handle - This is the part that you touch every time that you go in and out of your house. Door handles are usually of two shapes: lever and round. Their main function is to serve as handles when you open the door. They also slide the bolt from the door frame and release the door from its closed position.
  • Options for Replacing Your Patio Doors
    If you are looking into replacing your patio doors, you will find a wide range of options available. Whether the replacement is down to wear and tear or damage to the old doors, a wish to upgrade energy efficiency, or just fancying a change of scenery, there are a number of customisable factors to consider in choosing your new doors.
  • 2 Ways Of Unlocking A Deadbolt Lock
    Do you have a deadbolt lock in your house? If you lose your key, you shouldn't worry. While the lock is very strong, it's uncomplicated thus you can easily unlock it. Here are two ways in which you can unlock it. Picking a lock This is the act of unlock your lock using tools that mimic the actions of the key. The cool thing is that most deadbolt locks has five-pin cylinders just like ordinary spring locks.
  • How To Open Your Door With A Paperclip
    It's very frustrating to lock yourself in your house. If you have locked yourself and there's no one nearby to open the door for you, you should try opening the door using a paperclip. How to open the door using a paperclip You should start by bending the paperclip until its straight. Once straight you should hammer the tip of the end until it's as flat as possible. To avoid denting the area that you are using you should place the paperclip onto a hard surface.
  • Tips On How To Open The Bathroom Door From The Outside
    It's common for accidents to happen in the bathroom. For example, one of your loved ones can slip and fall on the ground. Young children can also accidentally lock themselves in the bathroom. When any of these happens you have to open the door from the outside. Here is a guide on how to open the door from the outside:
  • 3 Ways Of Unlocking A Door Without A Keyhole
    Most bedroom and bathroom doors don't have keyholes. This means that when your child locks you outside the door you can't easily get inside. While it's challenging to unlock the door, this doesn't mean that it's impossible. To help you out here are some of the ways in which you can unlock the door.
  • Call a Professional for Sliding Glass Door Replacement
    Sliding glass door installation and repair should only be handled by a professional general contractor or door service. These are heavy and fragile commodities that require sensitive attention and care.
  • How Fire Door Rating Can Give Proper Protection
    This article will talk about the need for the appropriate fire door rating installed in residential and commercial structures. Fire rated doors will supply enough time for people to flee for safety.
  • Using Fire Doors For Passive Fire Protection
    This article will talk about the importance of placing fire doors as passive fire protection from fire. It is necessary for these doors to also obtain regular fire door maintenance in order to maintain their integrity.
  • Security Door Grilles - Taking Your Home Security to the Next Level
    It is really important to take care of your home security as it has become a matter of concern these days because of its vigorous nature. One of the best ways to ensure your home safety is by installing security door grilles. This is so far the best way for providing adequate protection to your property as they prevent outsiders or criminals to enter into your property without permission. These grilles act as a shield for your house as it is hardly impossible to and tear them down.

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