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If you are not familiar with choosing custom designed architectural aluminum doors, windows or storefronts, here are some articles which may be of interest along with a host of articles on door hardware, repair and improvement:

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  • Door Installation Made Easy - Call A Professional
    Let's take a look at door installation, a process that is not as simple as it sounds. For the security of your home and family, consider the services of a professional.
  • Door Repair Is More Important Than You Think
    Door repair can be one of the most important things you can do for yourself, your family and your home. Let's look at the importance of timely and professionally performed repairs.
  • Appreciating the Beauty of Doors
    Doors are the "hands" welcoming visitors to buildings, and some of them are as famous and beautiful as the buildings themselves. All over the world, they stand guard and bear witness for sacred spaces and important places.
  • Composite Stable Doors Offer a Practical Entrance
    Composite stable doors are often overlooked as a solution for building entrances. However, they can be a practical and useful alternative to other types of doors, especially in certain circumstances. There are a number of reasons you may want to consider composite or uPVC stable doors over other types of door, and several different advantages that they have the potential to bring.
  • Benefits of Magnetic Screen Door Over Framed Screen Doors
    Spring-loaded, framed screen doors are standard with pretty much every home that you buy now. However, they are encumbered with many problems. But what is your alternative?
  • Custom Wood Doors: The Fuss Without the Muss
    What do infants and royalty have in common? Aside from crying when they don't get their way, they're both fussed over and catered to on a regular basis. In part, that's the appeal of custom wood doors. Buyers can choose from a number of methods and materials in assembling their dream home. But going with the custom wood option for their doors has several advantages, not the least of which is service that's fit for a king or queen.
  • Cabinet Glass Adds Class to Custom Wood Doors
    They say that "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones". Given the view afforded the neighbors though, stones are the least of their worries. On the other hand, using glass in your cabinets is a worry-free way of adding class to custom wood doors. Homes that feature custom wood exterior doors already stand out from their neighbors thanks to the unique, distinctive look that only custom service can provide.
  • Exterior Wood Doors: First Choice to Draw a Second Look
    With some houses, curb appeal takes on a special meaning: The further they are from the curb, the more they appeal. Fortunately, they are the exception to the rule. In most cases, you want visitors and, at some point, potential buyers to get a good look at your home's facade and to like what they see. As a major focal point, customized exterior wood doors have a big role to play in making that happen.
  • Exterior Doors Come in a Variety of Materials to Fit Every Home Design
    Choose exterior doors made of steel, fiberglass, or wood that have the features you need. You may want to consider the energy efficiency and design options available for each type.
  • How to Stop a Door From Squeaking
    Squeak Be Gone Remedies! Squeaking doors can be a really irritating problem. Although many would consider it to be a major problem, it isn't! In fact, it's a minor house problem that even you yourself can fix, and here's how to.
  • Benefits of Solid Wood Internal Doors
    When it comes to choosing internal doors, you will have no shortage when it comes to selection. There are hollow wooden doors, solid wood doors, PVC doors and more which can help you create a separation in space and add a unique design to your home.
  • Everything You Need to Know About French Doors
    French doors are used as internal and external doors on a variety of property styles worldwide. These doors are very distinctive and comprise of two doors which swing open, creating a large entry space.
  • Interior Door Types
    When choosing interior doors for your home or office, it is important to first think about the function that the door will operate. There is a variety of doors on the market for specific purposes: decorative doors, protection doors, as well as privacy and security doors.
  • Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors
    Spring is coming - time to open those sliding glass doors and let in the fresh air! What? You need to gather several family members to put your shoulders to your doors to get them open? That's not only a disappointing hassle, it's a safety hazard. You want sliding glass doors that open smoothly and easily, at the lightest touch.
  • Why Your Front Door Is So Hard to Open
    If your front door, or indeed your back door, is stiff and hard to open there are a number of reasons that could be behind this. Most of these can be fixed quite easily, quickly and simply without specialist knowledge or skills. In all likelihood, you can soon have your front or back door in full, smooth working condition once again.
  • Interior and Exterior Door Care and Maintenance
    Interior and Exterior doors are usually overlooked during our routine cleaning. Here's a list of simple instructions to follow: Door cleaning tips - Start with doors that are used more frequently, for example high traffic areas in home.
  • Eco-Friendly Doors
    Article about the advantages of choosing an eco-friendly door made of engineered wood. Engineered wood is the latest green technology for a sustainable environment.
  • Different Types of Fencing
    When putting a fence around your home it can serve different purposes. It can serve as a privacy shield from trespassers and from neighbors seeing into your yard. It can also add aesthetic value to the exterior of your home. Fences can be used as part of your landscape design too. When choosing the type of fencing you are going to use in your yard you first need to decide what purpose the fencing is going to serve. If you wanted a privacy fence, you would not use a chain length fence but would use a wooden fence instead.
  • Tips On How To Remove A Lockset
    Locksets provide you with the much needed privacy in your most private rooms such as bedroom and bathroom. When the units become old or you need to improve the look, it's imperative that you change them. For you to remove the units you need to do the following:
  • Protect Your Buildings Asset's With Security Doors
    Doors and windows are how most burglars attempt to access our homes, so it is imperative that we fit some decent locks. The best lock for you will depend on the material of your door, the type of door, and the level of protection you require. Here we take a look at the types of locks available and some of their applications.

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