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Choosing a Door Manufacturer

Whether your project is building your dream home, designing commercial space, constructing an outbuilding, or renovating your residence or business, every aspect of your project is important. The same care and attention should be given to the quality of everything that goes into your work, from design plans, to nails, wood, hardware, paint, and every other component. This includes doors. So choosing a reliable door manufacturer is critical to the success of your project.

Choosing a door manufacturer should not be an afterthought

Sometimes doors end up becoming an afterthought in the larger scheme of a big building project. This can come back to haunt property owners later on. Problems can occur with the initial design of doorways/frames. Problems also occur with doors that are not hung properly. And of course, a door that is not designed or built well in the first place is guaranteed to cause trouble.

Often, the problems that occur with doors stem all the way back to the manufacturer. When owners are picking designs and materials, they may neglect to investigate the door manufacturer itself. So whether you are a project manager or the owner of the property, take a little bit of time to investigate a door manufacturer before you settle on a design. When choosing a door manufacturer, consider the following:

What to Look for in a Door Manufacturer

  • Look for experience. The longer a manufacturer has been in business, the better your chances of finding a quality product. That includes both pre-built and custom built versions.
  • Ask about technology. Manufacturing technology has changed immensely in the last few decades. Ask questions about how your product was or will be produced. Make sure you know what materials are used.
  • Find out how satisfied other consumers have been with a particular company's product(s). This may require a little bit of digging. Don't rely entirely on a company's testimonials. So-called testimonials can be manufactured as easily as their products are. And naturally, a company will want to put its best foot forward by sharing only positive customer responses and not negative ones. Instead, you should count on doing some of your own research. Check the Internet to see if there are any independent evaluations of a particular door manufacture and its products. Look for consumer reports. See if you can find information on what past customers have thought of a particular company. It is also recommended that you get the opinion of a professional contractor, especially if building isn't your thing. Professional contractors know the business, and have experience working with various manufacturers and their products. Firsthand knowledge is one of your best tools for choosing a competent door manufacturer.
  • Look at samples. Seeing what's in the showroom is important. What's even better though is looking at a product which is already in use. If at all possible, visit a property where a particular manufacturer's door has been installed. This will give you a truer picture of a product in action.

You've invested considerable money in your building or renovation project. You may even be investing your own valuable time if you're doing it yourself. It only makes sense to monitor carefully the quality of all of the components, including doors. It's important that your money (and your time) be put to maximum use. A good door should last a minimum of 20 years, and a superior quality door may last the lifetime of the building. So spending a little bit of extra time investigating door manufacturers is worth hundreds, and maybe even thousands of dollars in the long run.

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